iRobot Braava Jet vs iRobot Braava 380t

iRobot Braava Jet vs iRobot Braava 380t

Most people know that there are machines that vacuum your home. If you are like me and already own a fairly expensive hand-held cleaner, options to invest in a robot vacuum seemed unappealing.

Then I saw the same technology was also applied to mopping robots. I hate mopping. I have a steam-mop which works well, however, after an hour of vacuuming both hard and soft floors to make sure the steam mop can do its job properly I can add more than an hour to already time-consuming task.

The more I looked at brands, the more I began to lean towards the Roomba range and their two available mopping units.
The main difference between the two robots is the amount of space they can clean. There is a major difference of roughly 750 ft though. When it comes to the features between them, I decided to choose the Braava jet. In the end it didn’t matter if I needed to clean a larger main area one day and the bathrooms the next. I found that the Braava jet simply had more functions I preferred.

The Braava jet comes with an app. On customer reviews have the Braava 380t as the more popular machine but they both hold a 4 star rating. Some complained that floors weren’t clean with the 380t and said the cheaper model was actually the better robot.

Main Differences

  • The jet works like the Roomba vacuums only in some ways better. Where Roomba’s use a virtual wall, the jet’s got a function to create a boundary by putting it one side of line you don’t want it in and simply holding the start button. The 380t needs cubes that need placing in the room to mop.
  • The jet uses water compared to the dry mopping of the 380t which means even though it might decide not to mop a less dirty area, it will do multiple passes over a more dirty area.
  • The jet has 3 cleaning functions (wet mop, damp sweep and dry sweep) and the 380t has only 2 (Dry sweep or damp mop.)

So while the Braava 380t does have some features many might prefer; like reusable microfiber cleaning pads, longer lasting battery and smart technology, I wanted a machine that could clean behind my toilet. It’s my most despised chore. It’s also saved me from having to vacuum the laminate before I mop.