The Anatomy Of Tomorrows Inbound Marketing

The Anatomy Of Tomorrows Inbound Marketing

There is a wide array of ways to look at inbound marketing. Some would say social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing are the core, and this may look good if everything is being generalized. With the right understanding of technology, well-developed content, and a lexicon of brand knowledge inbound marketing can be robust and stratified.

There are five sections essential to marketing strategy, owned and earned media, lead nutrition, sales interaction, retention, and landing pages. All of these should work as a sort of funnel for the sales, accelerating the process and optimizing the impact on revenue of Marketing. It is essential that each step be streamlined.

Owned and earned media, which works like inbound marketing. Its purpose is to generate traffic and build community, as well as produce advocates for your product outside of the company. This could be accomplished by distributing content through social media, and or generating a mass of blog posts. The idea at this stage is to get search engines to catch the content and recommend you pages to those searching within the field.

Landing pages should be looked at as your quick survey team. Free content will get people interested, but once you have captured the visitors IP address and e-mail their traffic can be tracked. This will in turn allow you to measure the effectiveness of the owned and earned media. Adjust your tactics there on the feedback gained here.

Lead nurturing is essentially your ‘employee review’. Once the attributes of a visitor are known you can start the process of scoring and segmenting content. An effort should be made to get the proper information out on the right channel at the proper time. This is also where unqualified leads should be culled from the funnel this will widen the real-estate taken up by good leads, which in turn will make the whole process more efficient.

Sales interaction should be a system by which worthy leads are delivered to sales persons and communication is facilitated between sales and marketing. This is essential as the happiness of sales is directly related to their productivity, and communication with marketing keeps sales on track.

Retention is the last but possibly most essential segment of the funnel. Imagine that all of your visitors have been familiar with the website for less than three weeks, but you have been open to visitors for three years. In this situation, something in the ideal funnel has fallen apart. Your owned and earned media should be producing fresh, relevant material to keep interest up. The landing pages should be allowing for you to keep up to date on everything that needs attention in the owned and earned category. Lead nurturing should be keeping relevant material flowing. Sales interaction should be ensuring that the content at sales is not only relevant but worthwhile, and discussion should flow between marketing and sales. If all of this is functioning as intended the environment should not become stale, and retention should be high.